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*sigh* Someday, I'll have time and energy to do something more dynamic with these pages.  Until that day, I'll have to settle for satisfying my mother's insatiable appetite for pictures of Mary Hannah.

CLOUD1.JPG (63993 bytes) Over Labor Day, Amelia took MH up to Cloudcroft, NM with Amelia's parents.  She enjoyed her time in the mountains.  Jeff was in Houston at his annual "Guy's Weekend" with Scott, Jay, and Jeff Lane.CLOUD2.JPG (70319 bytes)




GOLD1.JPG (51499 bytes)We also took MH to see her great-granddad Smalley.  We spent all day there a few Saturdays ago.  We all enjoyed it immensely (he even let me beat him twice in horseshoes!)GOLD2.JPG (38843 bytes)



You've seen "Old Glory" :  OLDGLORY.JPG (28575 bytes)

Here is some "new" glory!  GLORY1.JPG (49906 bytes)GLORY2.JPG (48604 bytes)

Enjoy the pics! Let me know what you think of our little gift from God.