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Ethan Jeffrey Emery

Jeff, Amelia and Mary Hannah are proud to announce the arrival of Eleanor Ethan Jeffrey Emery.

Ethan Jeffrey Emery

  Arrived: July 23rd 3:37 pm
    -Length : 20.5 inches
    -Weight: 8 lbs
  Favorite Color: Green
  Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping
  Interests: Horticulture,
  Edgar Allen  Poe, The Wiggles

The Story:

Ok, many of you know that our OB- Dr. Sneed was deployed to Kuwait with the Reserves just a short while after making his prognostication on the gender of our child.  His best guess was that it would be a girl.  Armed with that knowledge, we happily spent the next 5 months preparing for Eleanor Kay Emery to arrive.  Amelia painted the nursery, a beautiful mural.  She selected a theme: Ladybugs.  Dresses were bought, web pages designed, a two year old sister was informed and trained to understand that she would be receiving a little sister... so imagine our (almost) complete surprise when Ethan popped out!  Nevertheless, we are very happy and very proud.  Enjoy the following picture album of Ethan's first day with us!  Thank you all for your love and prayers.  Look for this page to be re-decorated as soon as I have time :). - jeff
Don't forget to follow the link at the Bottom of this page to ETHAN's FIRST DAY.  New pics added Friday, July 25th.


The arrival at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center


last updated: July 25th.

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