We went to a festival downtown on Friday, after thanksgiving and the winter chill prompted coats.

Alana takes a break on the back of the couch.

Caught on tape! Linda's reaction to finding out that Amelia is pregnant again. (Christmas Eve)

With the majority of the presents behind her addressed to her, MH has lots to smile about.

Meet Caleb, Alana's little brother.

Jim is the proud papa. Note the goofy grin

Am's granny and grandpa pose with us.

Beja and Temple came to visit during Thanksgivng too. MH loves to see Temple.

MH also loves to play with her cousin, Zachary. With a fortune spent on toys and gifts for them, they enjoy a storage tub. Go figure...

MH even enjoys the tub when Zachary isn't around.

Am takes a moment to hug and pose. Gotta get your daily dose of hugs from MH. I know that I go into withdrawl shock without them.

Recreational reading? Well, if you're gonna potty train, may as well teach them right.

MH and Jeff pose with cousin Stephanie. Julie and Phil travelled all the way from Tennessee to see us!

MH in her yellow jammies. What a ray of sunshine!

Do you think she has a modeling career in her future?

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