Mary Hannah and her reflection grin at the camera

Mommy and Me

Amelia braves the rain. Pure sugar can be damaged when it gets wet, you know.

I wanna go in the rain!

Ethan was upset at being left inside.


Mary Hannah wanted to get closer to the source.

No Help

Even a deluge can't help our dead peach tree. :(


Stomping puddles is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. We recommend doing it barefoot.

Are you sure?

Mommy said I can go play in the rain...


One of the basic qualities of water... it's wet.


Mary Hannah watches a leaf float by our address.

I like this yard

The next door neighbor does a much better job of keeping his lawn. MH prefers to play in it.

Getting her feet wet

Mary Hannah is not afraid to jump in with both feet


Mary Hannah discovers a treasure in the grass as Am keeps a watchful eye

Is this a hitching post?

Honestly, what guy could resist this grin?


She looks up to me
I smile down on her

We're both getting sopping wet.


Rhodes has nothing on Mary Hannah

Family smiles

Ethan finally joins us outside

Giving kisses

Am likes Mary Hannah's kisses


Daddy and Mary Hannah rescue a ladybug


We enjoy a posed shot

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