The arrival at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center

Settled in the room, give me drugs and let's get this over with

Phyllis Willis, our wonderful anestesiologist

Nurse Laura prepping the machines

Been waiting all day, time to start pushing!

Mere moments after his surprising arrival, Am is all smiles

So is Jeff! Son of my loins! Firstborn manchild!

Mary Hannah arrives to greet her new brother.

She adjusts well to Ethan, though expecting Eleanor

We are a family!

Getting a bath.

Washing the hair.

All cleaned up and diapered

Note the balloon... Grammy wasn't caught off guard.

Mary Hannah got hold of the camera to snap a shot of her bear

Let me hold baby!

Can I give him kisses?

Here come kisses!


Nana marvels at her grandson

Nana and Papa get some cuddles

Finally Mommy gets to hold him again

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