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Have you been looking for the right costume to amaze and impress your friends?
How about wearing a robe ala Anakin in Episode II?

But where will you find such a finely crafted robe?

Look no further!  Below are some samples of robes that BJ made.  Most of the robes pictured
have already been sold, but that's ok, because BJ tailors each robe to YOUR exact specifications!

Click on the thumbnail to view a full sized image:

This is the Sith Lord and Tailor himself in a Obi-Wan Episode II / Mace Windu Episode I.  It's got the Mace Windu lapels and pleats, but the sleeves are all Obi-Wan II.  BJ wears his robe most of the winter, especially for late night food like McDonalds.  BJ only recommends the drive-through for such ventures.

This robe sells for $140.



Ahh, the Anakin II!  By far the most comfortable Jedi Robe ever crafted.
  This is BJ's best seller and notably the most distinctive.
This robe sells for $120.  Delivery requires three week.



The robe on the mannequin was custom ordered to be like Jaina Solo's robe (as described in the novels).  It is fitted in the bodice and is very feminine.  As with all the robes, it is also available in black, or a different brown.

The robe on the left is a standard issue, run-of-the-mill Jedi Council Robe.  It has no bells and whistles, ie. a lightsaber blade hilt, or pockets, or special features.  It sells for $100.




Isn't this one a beaut?  Perfect for ambushing (or hiding from) marauding Tuskin Raiders.  Available for the Nikto, the humanoid, the smuggler, you name it.  This robe in tan appears on very few Jedi for one simple reason:  It isn't intimidating.  You still feel unbelievably powerful in the robe, you just don't look unbelievably powerful in tan.  Just ask Yoda.

This robe is $100.


There are other robes, of course.  These are pictures taken pictures of one afternoon in September. 
NEW!  Take a look at a satisfied customer in *her* Jaina Solo robe

Are you interested in owning one of these beauties? 
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