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Current News

April 17, 2002 As of today, the Emerys have sold their home in Plainview, TX and are homeless!  Yeah!  Kinda funny that we're so happy about it considering the headache and financial mess that went along with it.
March 24, 2002 We're pregnant again!  Mary Hannah will have a little sibling sometime near November 25th!  That is a great month for Emery birthdays, apparently. Jeff's Mom, Jeff's Sister Jada and Jeff all have November birthdays.
Feb 24, 2003 How lame is this for a "current news" page... heh... I haven't updated it in a year!  I guess I could claim I've been busy, and I have, but that is no excuse.  At any rate, our current news is that we are again pregnant.  The previously announced pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  It was a pretty rough summer, emotionally.  However, we are 15 weeks into this pregnancy and things are looking good.  Mary Hannah continues to bring joy into our lives every day.  We're potty training her and she's talking up a storm.  Coming up on 2 years... where has the time gone?  Oh, I added some pictures today.  Go to MH's picture index from the main page and click on Holidays 2002 for the latest views of MH and some family and friends.  (or just click here)
July 25th, 2003 Well, a few months is better than a year.  I guess by now, you've learned (if you've looked at the main page) that we have had our 2nd child.  He was a surprise to us, as we were expecting a baby girl!  But he is the best surprise I've ever gotten.  I remember when I first got married... every time I introduced Amelia as my wife, I got a chill, a thrill that ran down my spine.  Then we had Mary Hannah and I didn't think my heart could contain my love nor my face contain my smile.  Well, the heart's capacity for love increases the more you give it away and I am thrilled to have my son (there's that chill again!) at home with us.  Ethan Jeffrey is such a blessing.  Go look at his pictures and fall in love: Ethan
April 14th, 2004 Wow, 5 updates in 2 years.  Don't know exactly what kind of record that is, but I'm sure that you'll agree that it is kinda embarrassing.  Anyhow, here is a general update about the family. 
**Jeff has now been working at North Garland Church of Christ for 2.5 years.   God has really blessed this ministry.  The past year has been a wonderful experience as we worked with a Youth Committee to plan and organize our youth program here.  I know from experience that having parents that work with you and support you is so much better than the opposite.  Jeff is still floating high off of the LTC experience recently and the spring break campaign before that. Next on the calendar is our Senior stuff and then summer!  Jeff'll be spending two back to back weeks at camp (which will be a challenge for Amelia) and then a mission trip in July.  It looks to be an exciting summer.

**Amelia has investigated several job opportunities, but none have been what we needed.  She continues to work at the Enid News and Eagle in the classified advertising department.  They keep offering her a full time position, but her desire is to have time to be a mommy, so the part-time thing is still her best option to help pay bills and still be mommy.  She has been a wonderful host on our weekly Youth Bible studies in our home, offering tutoring and a meal each week.  She has also taken on the ministry of organizing our Wednesday night meals at the church building and frequently cooks for those.  Maybe one of these days, we'll land a work-from-home telecommuting job and Am can do that.

**  Mary Hannah is almost three.  She looks like she is almost  6 years old!   Makes me cry to look at her now and know that she'll keep growing.  As if she could be more perfect.